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15 January 2006 @ 12:00 am
...for a man with a girlfriend  
I rushed home to get my flower just in case Ryan was feeling spontaneous enough to join me at the movies. He wasn't, so I took the bunch to the minster gardens, protruding from my schoolbag in a most eccentric fashion. For a while their inaccessibility made me miss opportunities - like the man in the leather jacket or the tourist with the glasses - but I spotted some seated lovers and decided to terrorise them, instead. They were eating pasties, or something, when I stopped beside their bench and offered the flowers to the boyfriend. "Welcome," I said, as if I was part of some garden committee, or else completely troppo. The guy started hooting but took the gift and thanked me for it. To confirm that I really was mad I just breezed away without even having made eye contact with the lady. But, well, I was all smiles. This project is getting less and less sacrificial.